The Dovey SD9.8/X Woven Corrugator Belt Has Many Advantages

Dovey is now proud to be selling the SD9.8/X woven, 5-ply corrugator belt. The belt is pre-stretched, containing only enough tension to establish traction between the belt and paper. Lower tension gives you several more advantages than the standard corrugator belt.

  • Less machine wear
  • Less maintenance
  • Less power consumption

The lacing is crimped into the belt, which is then compressed thereby concealing the lacing with a canvas cover sealed with silicon it is easier than any belt clean. It tracks perfectly while keeping minimal tension. The SD9.8/X is priced competitively and commands the best performance ratio per dollar cost.  YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SAVE UP TO 40% ON YOUR NEXT CORRUGATOR BELT!  The SD9.8/X is guaranteed to perform as long as any other belt available on the market.   Call Gary Lovelace (area manager, south and Midwest) 850-206-3823 (E-Mail: or Dovey (800-457-2576).

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