Quickroll™ Feed Rolls

Quickroll™ Feed Rolls

Never take out, reinstall,l or send a feed roll our for recovering again… No more crates, shipping out or storage…EVER!

With the Wagner Industries Quickroll™ Feed Roll (a Wagner exclusive), you’ll never send another feed roll to be recovered. Our Duoflex™ Urethane is proprietary and measures at 35 or 40 durometer. A unique fact about our urethane is that it does not gain durometer. With Quickroll™, there is no need to drop or reinstall your shaft. We manufacture Quickroll™ for over 70 pieces of equipment in the corrugated box industry. You can choose the most popular option of “half space,” (sample below) or “full face,” for an MHI Evol. We have been running on MHI Evol 84 for 3 years. The simplicity of Quickroll™ allows for optimal manufacturing. Sections are 4’ wide and are easily removed. Old sections are recoverable for 55% of a new Quickroll™. Rolls are easily rotated for longer life.

For more information, contact Wagner Industries at 800-874-1998 or visit our website visit our website at www.wagnerind.com or contact your sales reps in the East, Midwest or South, Gary Lovelace (gelgcas@bellsouth.net) or Drew Lovelace (drew.lovelace@yahoo.net).

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