Never take out, reinstall, or send a feed roll out for re-covering again!

Wagner Industries Quickroll™ Feed Roll is just that.  Manufactured from our proprietary 35 or 40 durometer Duoflex™ Urethane, it offers changeability right on the shaft.  BEST OF ALL, OUR URETHANE DOES NOT GAIN DUROMETER. You do not need to ship the old shaft to us to clean, strip, and attach the first set.  You can do that locally and we will have the right Quickroll™ sent to you before you clean and prepare the shaft.  You can always send a spare shaft to us and we will do everything.  We need .75” of urethane all around the shaft, so the shaft might have to be ground down to accomplish this.  We have manufactured Quickroll™ for over 50 pieces of equipment in the corrugated industry.  You can choose to do a half space, like the sample below (which is the most popular way), or full face for an MHI Evol (yes we have one running on a MHI Evol 84).  Sections are 4” wide and easily come off.  Old sections are recoverable for 55% of a new Quickroll™.  Rolls can be easily rotated for longer life.

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