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Wagner Industries

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Simon Corrugated Machinery

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Equaliner 1000

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Easy Mover

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Wagner Quickroll Feed Roll

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Power Pusher Roll Mover

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About Gary Lovelace & Associates

We are sales representatives for Wagner Industries, Dovey, Bendazzoli, HMB Mfg. & Supply, Sun-Jump, and Simon Corrugating Machinery, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the client get invoiced by Gary Lovelace & Associates?

No, you’ll be invoiced directly by the company.

What is the best way to contact Gary Lovelace & Associates?

You can contact us via email or over the phone at (850) 469-9708.

What areas of the country do you represent?

Our territory consists of the Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest

Who are the companies you represent?

We are sales representatives for Wagner Industries, Dovey, Bendazzoli, HMB Mfg. & Supply, Sun-Jump, CST Systems, Inc., Simon Corrugating Machinery, Inc., and CleanPrint Chemicals.


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The Dovey SD9.8/X Woven Corrugator Belt Has Many Advantages

Dovey is now proud to be selling the SD9.8/X woven, 5-ply corrugator belt. The belt is pre-stretched, containing only enough tension to establish traction between the belt and paper. Lower tension gives you several more advantages than the standard corrugator belt. Less machine wear Less maintenance Less power consumption The lacing is crimped into the […]

Big Savings in Rebuilding your Double-Backer with Simon

Introducing the Simon S-Press. It is the latest in Double-Backer heat transfer technology. The construction is simple. In the unloaded position, the pressure plates are raised from the board line and held there by the compression springs. In its loaded position, the air bad is inflated. The pressure inside the bag overcomes the compression springs […]

Gary Lovelace and Associates Now Selling Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades

Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades run 7-8 times longer than M2 Steel Slitters Dovey now sells a Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades made for BHS, Fosber, Marquip, and MHI Corrugator Slitters. Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades run 7-8 times longer than the M2 steel slitters. Sure, the price is higher, but the durability saves you money and labor. […]

Gary Lovelace and Associates now selling “The Original Easy Mover”

Gary Lovelace and Associates now sell “The Original Easy Mover.” For over 25 years, Easy Mover has been one of the most reliable names in manufacturing. Easy Mover comes in battery and air powered models. It is compact, powerful, and easy to control. When you buy Easy Mover, you get quality, Swedish made, cost effective […]