Gary Lovelace and Associates now selling “The Original Easy Mover”

Gary Lovelace and Associates now sell “The Original Easy Mover.” For over 25 years, Easy Mover has been one of the most reliable names in manufacturing. Easy Mover comes in battery and air powered models. It is compact, powerful, and easy to control. When you buy Easy Mover, you get quality, Swedish made, cost effective machinery. Save up to two thousand dollars on Easy Mover compared to other European and domestic roll movers. The Easy Mover moves wheeled and roll able loads weighing up to 50 tons. Move cars and even airplanes. The Easy Mover improves worker safety. It is a good alternative or substitute to your expensive forklifts and other equipment. Feel free to contact us or Dovey about a 30 day trial.


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  • Hello,
    I am looking for information on an easy mover that can move a train. Any information would be great.
    Thanks Jason,

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